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Hello, Mr. Kamakura. I'm sorry for the late sending e-mail. I'll introduce my classes. I have 8 classes at school, for example History, Religion, Art, Science, Math, English, Commerce and Sports.
In Religion class, I'm studying Bible. It is difficult for me. But I'll keep trying. In Art class, I made ceramics and I'm studying how to take a camera and how to revise a photo. It is interesting. In Science class, I'm studying element. I must present a report, so I was busy this week and I'll be busy next week, too. In Math class, I'm studying function. It is easy for me. In English class, I have to do presentation on next Tuesday. I'll talk about fossil fuels. I'm very nervous. In Commerce class, I'm studying business. It is difficult for me. And my group will sell lemonade on next Monday. My group members are Kengo, Jack, Jordan and me. Jack and Jordan are very reliable. So I'll send their photos. In Sport class, I'm playing touch football. It is very interesting. I have come to like rugby now.
All students here are very kind. If I can't understand, I can easily ask them about the conversation. In lunch time, I play cricket with year ten's friends or I play soccer with year nine's students. So my school life is very good! I'll keep trying.
By the way, I played soccer last Sunday. Length of time of the game was 90 minutes. I played 55 minutes. The game's score was 2-2. I wanted to get a goal, but I couldn't. And I can play soccer every Tuesday. So now, I can practice soccer more. I'm enjoying everything in Australia!
Regards, Y.G.

I'm sorry for not sending email in the past few weeks. School is fun, but classes are difficult for me.  In particular, application class is too difficult. This time that our assignment is making website of business. Lay Winston, who moved from East Timor,  is in the same class and he also uses English. So his website is very high quality. As software is written in English, we are having a bad time making it, but everyone looks so easy! We are frustrated.
We'll go cycling camp next Monday. At first, I chose sea kayak, but it didn't have enough a room. I borrowed camping clothing and equipment from my host mother's relative. They are very kind. Anyways, we are looking forward to the camp.
My host family has work on Saturday. So I often play with my friends. Recently. I went to Melbourne city with my friends by train and I cut my hair there. Last Sunday was no work day for my host family, so they took me somewhere. We went to Melbourne Zoo. I saw many many animals there, and we were keen on watching animals. We had a great time!
Regards, H.S.

How are you, Mr. Kamakura? I'm good.
I'm taking a lot of classes at school. They are difficult for me, especially Religion class is too hard. So when I go home I'm searching the word that I don't know.
We have sports day every Tuesday. I play cricket as sports day. But actually, I don't like cricket because it's boring:(
At home, I spend the time talking to host family every weekend. Sometimes we go shopping together. I like both because those are fun. Also, we go to the church every Sunday. I don't know how to pray to God, but I believe in God. Because if I believe in God, I can go to the heaven when I die.
God is Everything! From K.T.

Dear Mr.Kamakura
I chose normal classes at school. When in class, I sit with every student. My best friend is Brodie Smith. I enjoy school because I made a lot of friends here. I take part in every event at school. So I made friends with almost all grade students. The other day, I took part in swimming carnival. I got both first prize and second prize.
Every Wednesday I play cricket. It is difficult but it is interesting.
I go to church every Saturday with my host family. On Sundays, I do a lot of things. Sometimes I play soccer with my host brother. Sometimes I go swimming.
Now I'm in Sydney. I went to see the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. They are very good. It took us 10 hours to go from Melbourne to Sydney by car!! This was a very long way!! I think I talked a lot with my host family on the way.
See you next weekend.

Dear Mr.Kamakura
I'm going to camp for a week from tomorrow.
Memories until now;
<Friends Edition>
I went shopping with my Australian friends. I had Japanese food with my friends in Japanese class.
<Host Family Edition>
I get along extremely well with my host family. We went to various places together: for example, the coast, zoo, shopping centers, bowling, and soccer stadium.
<Coordinator Edition>
I went shopping with our coordinator. I survived in listening to lot of explanations.
Finally, this study-abroad program is only for another three weeks. So, I want to enjoy the rest of my stay.
See ya! From T.T.

Dear. Mr. Kamakura
Good afternoon!!! At school, I write English words or read sentences in English class. I take some photos and develop them in photography class. I draw pictures while looking at various models in drawing class. Also, I study math that is easier than Japan and have tests in math class. I make simple animations on computer in IT class. Sometimes we have to go to assembly.
Talking about my dairy life, I went to NSW with my host family as a trip!!! That is hotter than VIC! We fished fish and went to the chocolate factory! It was a good experience!
One day, we went to Cranbourne Garden in a drawing class!! It was rainy. So I thought if it was sunny, it was better because the view was very nice!! That was very big!!
At school, we helped Japanese assembly. It was the day that the number of schools came to Beaconhills, so I was very tired!! But I got sushi as a reward!! So I was very very happy!!
At home, I made Shogayaki for our family!!! They were happy when they ate it!! I was so happy! And I thought I wanna make it again!
I can't send an email next weekend because we'll go camp during the week!! But I will send one as much as I come back from the camp!!
See you!!! I'm gonna make good memories!!!
From T.I.


Hi, Mr. Kamakura. I am enjoying Australian life. I am also enjoying school time and the time with host family.
First, I want to talk about school time. My favorite subject is PE. Because it gets used on good terms with an unfamiliar person. I think that sports time gets used on more good terms with friends. I chose touch football. I am doing the cricket with my friends in almost lunch time. I want to send a cricket time's picture in my next email. There is no event these days. But today I sell Lemonade in lunch time. This is in commerce class.
Next, I want to talk about every weekend with host family. We went to the beach the other day. It is unlike Japan. It is very beautiful. We explored the beach. And I went to Gold Museum. It was too good because I could get gold free! On Fridays, I go to soccer club. It is fun because I can exercise only this time. But I can go also on Tuesday from this week. It is a very pleasure time. I want to enjoy the remaining three weeks.
From H.K.

Mr. Kamakura
I spent time in Australia for about two months. I'm enjoying now! I got many friends who are Aussie people. We often play sports, which are football, basketball, rugby and Aussie football! They are great friends and very kind.
In school class, we talk every time about questions. I think I can understand some classes and can't understand some classes. I understand math. It's too easy, and art that's easy too. Cooking class is also easy for me. But I can't understand business. That's hard as well as English class. I like school. This is a good place. Host family are good people. Especially, I like my host father. He is very kind. Before yesterday, he took me to the national park and took me another place. Anyways, I am enjoying Australia!
From T.K.

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